31 March is the day of Genocide of the Azerbaijanis

  The March Days or March Events (AzerbaijaniMart hadisələri) was a period of inter-ethnic strife and clashes which led to the death of about 12,000 Azerbaijani[3][b] and other Muslim civilians that took place between 30 March – 2 April 1918 in the city of Baku and adjacent areas of the Baku Governorate of the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic.[5][6]

Facilitated by a political power struggle between Bolsheviks with the support of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutiun)[7][8][9] on one side and the Azerbaijani Musavat Party on another, the events led to rumours of a possible Muslim revolt[10][11][12][13] on the part of Bolshevik and Dashnak forces[14][15] and the establishment of the short-lived Baku Commune in April 1918.[16]

Most historic sources and accounts interpret the March events in the context of civil war unrest,[17][18][7][19][20] while contemporary Azerbaijani sources officially refers to the March Days as a genocide (soyqırım).[21][22] These were followed by the September days where 10,000 ethnic Armenians were massacred by Army of Islam and their local Azerbaijani allies upon capturing Baku.[23][24]


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