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3/6/2020 “Happy city accessible for all”

Press Release

Lankaran city

Creating accessible environment is one of the key conditions for ensuring independence of persons with disabilities. To achieve this, consideration of persons with disabilities of all categories and following the rules applicable to each of them create necessary conditions for their free movement. Special attention has to be paid to these issues in the disability field.

With consideration of these requirements, the Union of Disabled People’s Organizations of Azerbaijan (UDPO) in cooperation with Universal Design – Disability Adaptation Equipment LLC conducted adaptation works at the Lankaran Regional Cultural Center to support improvement of accessibility of environment for people with disabilities in Lankaran city. The adaptation works were designed by local accessibility experts who have received professional training within the project


Comprehensive accessibility works have been carried out for persons with limited mobility and visually impaired people in the territory and inside the Center. The door at the entrance to the territory of the Center was replaced, equipment for movement of wheelchairs was installed at the main entrance to the building and the entrance to the second floor, parking space for automobiles of persons with disabilities were marked with signs, and a 73-meter-long tactile pavement for the visually impaired persons was laid from the entrance of the area to the building’s main entrance. A ramp with a length of 17 m and a slope of 6% at the main entrance to the building, handrail on stears, as well as an electric elevator to move to the second floor inside the building have been designed, made and installed. Yellow warning stripes were posted on the stairs at the entrance to the building and inside. Appropriate signs have been placed in the area, at the entrance to the building and inside the building.

As a result of the completed work now people with disabilities can freely use the services of this Center. These complex works can also be used as a model for improving accessibility.

The works on improving accessibility for all were provided within “Happy city accessible for all” project on creation of accessible environment for persons with disabilities and other persons with limited mobility in Lankaran city in the frame of the program “Promoting the Role of Civil Society in Gender-sensitive SDGs Implementation” funded by the European Union and partially funded and implemented by UN Development Programme.


Press service of the Union of Disabled People’s Organizations (UDPO)


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